This Page is dedicated to my animation explorations and endeavours. You'll find loads of drawing simply because I love drawing, as well as other subjects of animation and experiments and works in progress.

I try to be as honest as I can with the work that I do in my journal showing failures and successes I believe this is very import to know and celebrate.

This page exist for you to see process; it's not meant to be pretty it's meant to be informative.


WIP - Work in Progress

WIP - Work in Progress

Game Lab concept work and model sheet. I was sent the drawing to model.

 I modeled what's below with some liberties expanding on the "concept".  The extreme pose was modeled first because its easier to have the right topology to the pull the right model into the right shapes into place for animation. Game lab wanted the model to look more like the concept art then model sheet. I'm glad I asked.

1 work day to model. of course everything can be better with revisions.

Quick sculpt 1 hour

Cow was quickly posed for a prototype look. It was decided to match the look the studios common output that they should make the cow painted in an illustrative Photoshop style.

Animation Mentor

Some drawings for learning how I might want some characters to emot.


W.I.P Pre Vis Edit Animation Mentor - Week 1 Personal Project

The entire sequence that needs to be completed. God view this is also a real animation 1st pass not 3 times reviewed personally and released the public no Gumbie poes here for previs.

by the time that this is cut together it should end up being close to a minute and half.

Feet and hips are the only controls animated. I like to try and touch as little as possible to see what sells a shot (Fewer things to touch the less you have to manage).

I was also test the rig out to check for what the correct rotation order was so it could be animated more freely with out hitting gimbol lock.

Woo hoo success.

Rotation order test for the dragon with a quick camera move. OOOooh Yeah rotation order fixed! Wooo Hoooo!

a few hitches in this and I would like to make the loop cycles longer and a more A symmetrical  animation and have the dragon juggling the crystal rock if his claws to hang on to it.

I think I want to make the rock bigger. 

4 and half hours work I am not going to beat myself up over it.

Quick rigging test. Now that I have done this test I can think of so much more that I can apply this too.

More  from "Fight or Flight" Coming Soon

Animation School

Toe Jam & Earl New Concept Considerations


Kissing Tree




Here are some old storyboard test

90 minute study

90 minute study

90 minute study

Animation Test

Small animation test a 90 minute study

Nude Study

Monday nights at the Art House

Robot Drawings

Thumbnails done in Flash - I love flash its so stupid it's useful

Concept Art

Below are some concept designs i have over the last couple of years


Short Film Idea

Free from constraints

Korean SBS mascot commercial

Robots for a Clients

Random Concept work




Kids TV show concept pitch (Korea)

These design where a TV Show in Korea

Old Sketches from 2009 Korea


Location Layout Design

Animal Studies Done in Korea



Polar bear





Concept Design

Here is a series of  pics work done on a short story.  Check out the blog for more details.



Comic book character

Designs for a comic book that I was working on for 24 hour comic day

Flour Sack

Birds in the park in Melbourne


Earlier design searching for a concept 

This was a nice little Drawing when I was demonstrating how 
a line should have atmosphere.

Continuation of the design

Model Sheets for 3D Modeling


Life drawing class

Character Designs 

Drawings looking for some a fighter/ boxer kind of creature for a fighting game.

An Idea for a short film

Having some fun drawing: Observational studies

Drawing with coffee is so much fun

My good friend Miko posing for me

Drawing with coffee is so much fun

Random Concept designs that I just need to get out of my head

Drawing People Drawing

Saturday morning West End Market

Getting back to basics

Drawing with my mums friends

My old Diary

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