Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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I absolutely love animation and drawing. While I was an editor for the ABC and apart of the first team to help bring video to Australia on mobile phones I caught the Drawing bug. At that point time, I had finished my fine arts degree in what was called "Communications Design"  subjects (the start of becoming a computer graphics junkie).  Since Christmas holidays were coming up at the time I scoured the net as to where I might go to learn more about drawing. As I spoke to more and more people, Korea kept coming up. The companion idea next to Korea and drawing was, at the time, that if you want to be good at drawing then forget what you know about being an illustrator and become a traditional animator because those people are hardcore.

So I packed my things and headed out to Korea traveling around and studying at comic book school; I was so impressed with the school and Korea. While I was in Korea I was making plans to sell everything that I could to make my way back there so I could continue my studies at a comic book school. Little did I know that I would spend four of the best years of my life training and drawing every day. My Teachers were fantastic and I learned a lot but I needed to know more.  After four years I finally decided to come back to Australia to do master degree in animation. Who does a masters degree in animation? Someone who is mad for the love drawing and is looking for something very particular.

During my masters, I coupled my information of software, primarily Adobe and Autodesk products at the time along with Toonboom, and was looking for a very particular workflow which I believe I may have now found, hence why I am learning a little bit of Python every day over this next year. I have also started a blog to help keep track of the development of this software over the next year.

So what am I doing now? I have spent the last three years working to take enough time off to attempt to try and put together a pilot for a kids show. There are definitely a lot of things that need to be done in order to step up to the next level and at the moment I am right in the mix of it all. Among everything that I am doing traditional animation and drawing remains my zen. Let me be really clear I love drawing because it is a  fantastic way to observe and take notes on life. It makes me truly happy and I'm at peace with spending the rest of my life being a student of drawing.