Friday, February 4, 2011


Ok so i have been setting up photoshop so i can animate in it like a typical traditional animation program and i am far from finished but this is quick test of what you could do in photoshop now with what i have
i have a few more scripts to write up before it finished and then it will be soooooo kool

The first two movies are just about working out timing

Line Clean Up

This one demonstrates how you can change line color

Typical painting functions - this a tough a cookie to crack - but for know you still have to do this by hand.

The shadow is merely the animation replaced, flipped and tweened across

These next few clips demonstrate how clearly Photoshop handles basic change of color and compositing this is all done inside of photoshop

Some other really cool things about all of this is that you can nest animated video clips inside of each other just like you can in Flash and in After Effects.

With Adobes non-destructive work flow the Photoshop Doc opens straight up into After Effects or Premiere with know need for rendering. Gotta love Adobe

Basic Color Change

Blue to green

Blue to brown

Dappled shadows light added with the ball passing through the dappled light into shadow - SOOOOOOOooooo much fun really how kool is this

Completed scene with background and foreground pics with masking - it all really fun stuff and pretty basic at this level

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