Tuesday, December 14, 2010


There are no set mouth shapes for people but if you are going to use them then perhaps use these

Ok so here is what i am working on at school at the moment - its my first 2D character animation in flash with dialog - Soooo much fun

Here is the break down
First i listen to the audio and do a bit of acting - after that i put in the line of action visualizing the pose of the key drawings

Next i like to work with really basic shapes shapes just getting the timing.
I usually draw arks from one key pose to the next so i know how something will travel.

When i am feeling pretty confident i will move on one part of the character at a time

I think setting up character in flash is really fun but it really is time consuming. Below is an eye fix, then next the body.

so the body is done now its time for the arms so i can put the collar on the coat and work out how its should fold over the body.

Working in flash is good cause i can work in between traditional and symbol based animation. Even though i am working on twos the the automatic tweeeeeeeeeening system really forces you to work on ones next time i really want to stick to twos but i have a  few more pipelines to work out in flash before that happens. (maybe its best not to tween at all i think it would a lot more economical)

Here come the arms and hands wooo hoooo

Ok so here is the final animation huge a massive learning curve but you know what they the first one is always the hardest.

Below is  a Silhouette

Here is an experiment with some chalk texture run though the animation - it not the look that i was hoping for but it great to know that not everything works and that you can still stumble across some interesting work

The chalk was really lightly drawn over the top of this animation

The chalk in this animation is a lot heavier then the first chalk alpha test making the effcts alot more subtle



and then for 3D


At the end of the day everyone has a different personality so everyone open and closes there mouth different
"Don't just say something say something"

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