Monday, December 13, 2010


I add to these notes everyday wooo hooo scroll down if you Darrrrrrrrre

this a really kool studio

what an incredible illustrator



This is a grerat video on a double vibrations and how they pull out accents in human movement
even. Though this is drumming the same idea can easily be applied to poiting or other gestures like stamping feet getting angry, yelling and the list could just keep going on its pretty endless - sooo good good goooooooood

i love this kind of design

Snafu Comics


 this issss so kute this site:

Toothbrush Toyger Has A Gallery Show

A friend of mine has sugested that i should see this movie

how great is this artist really great work- we really do live in an amazing time for artist

Lackadaisy Backalley

How to Paint

fabulous pictuers really interesting design

This is really really good just the effort that goes into something like this. just imagine if it moved

This is a great link a friend sent me by very talented  young artist:

















nice artist website

i really want to see this film

This is a blog i created this semester at school


nice site for checking out developing creatives stuff out


motion Graphic artist

Saxton Moore Gets Richmond Animated

What a great film i wish i had done it

these two movies are very similar

Nice site for animatoin nots:

This is really useful for creating and test your flash your animations

Maybe this is animation competor for flash

New splash screen. By David Rylander (rylleman)

Here is a drawing of mine of me

and some older work of mine

Another animation resource

kyle lambert
Will Smith | Digital Painting

Animation Magzine Why the flop is Australia so small

Nice Reference    Animation site its good