Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I love story boarding and designing concepts. Its just a fantastic thing to be able to be creative everyday in such a wonder filled world. Letting concept fall out of your head on to a piece of paper - Combining Mashing Squashing pulling pushing them around at the whim of your pencil and becoming unraveled like a tangled ball of string - its beautiful.

These are some storyboard panels that I have designed so that i can quickly grab them and do some boarding when i need too for the story or feel inspired. all i have to do is jump on the net now and print them off.

Single panel layout

Double panel layout

Five panel layout

Perspective Grids starting from 2 Point Perspective all way though to 5 Point Perspective

2 Point Perspective

3 Point Perspective

 4 Point Perspective

 4 Point Perspective

 5 Point Perspective

X- sheet