Thursday, July 31, 2008


Work it out
  • Rough it out (the details are last)
  • Always block everything out large shapes first getting smaller and smaller
  • Always establish the vanishing point and the horizon line (Eye Level). Use it to point or lead to the hero of the shot
  • How do you want the eye to move around the page based on the compositional elements
  • Breaking frame
  • Horizontal line makes you feel stable
  • Diagonal line make excitement
  • Use the vanishing point to shoot your eye into the direction you want the viewer to look at
  • Repeat similar gestures, lines and object moving your eye into the point of focus (the vanishing point)
  • Layering help create depth in a scene and breath taking layouts
  • Don’t always hang everything of the horizon line use the converging vanishing point lines as well
Camera shots
  • Close-ups
  • Medium shots
  • Long shots
  • Panoramic shot
  • Bird’s eye view
  • Worms eye view
  • Silhouette

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