Saturday, July 26, 2008

Drawing the human body

The human body

Important note:

Push and pull these ideas around for concept design
Use the body against its self to measure the human body


  • The body = 6.5 heads high
  • 7.5 heads the character is becoming more like a model/ super hero
  • 2.5 heads to 11.5 heads high will range from very cute to extreme hero/ villain
  • Arm and hand = 3 heads long and the elbow should travel in ark from the bottom of the rib cage/ waist
  • Leg and foot = 3 or 4 (lower the number of heads the cuter the character)
  • Character look great when the legs are half the height of the body
  • women in heals are hot and have longer legs about 1 head higher depending on the shoe

Head and shoulders:
  • the head is roughly three heads wide

Head and Hands:

  • Hands are the same size as the face (Natural human look)
  • smaller had are cute and more feminine. Bigger hands are masculine it depends on you how to apply it
Face Hands and Feet
  • Hands are the same size as the face if you make them smaller it will help make the person cuter
  • Draw a Cylinder in reference to your scene ie Horizon line and draw the character inside of it
  • Extreme Foreshortening poses will be follow by the may of inverted triangle

Clothing and Accessorizing:

Folds in the cloth:

Their several different folds in cloth
  1. Diaper/ Droop
  2. Spiral/ Crumple
  3. Zigzag
  4. Pipe
  5. Drop
  6. Half lock and insert
  7. Stretch

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