Saturday, July 12, 2008

Drawing Exercises

These exercises are for everyday practice. Take your book and pencil everywhere with you. Whenever you have free time just start drawing. 

Perspective Drawing

  1. Straight lines
  2. Dot to dot
  3. 1 point perspective
  4. 2 point perspective
  5. 3 point perspective
  6. 4 point perspective
  7. 5 point perspective
Practicing mass
  1. Ellipses, Circles, Squares, triangles (try to draw all the same size)
  2. Ellipses in space
  3. Ellipses along the minor axis
Speed Drawing

Go out onto the street draw the buildings people anything (Don't do anymore then 3 to 5 minutes a drawing. Set up a 5 minutes drawing alarm if you have to)
this is great for getting more feeling and harmony into you drawing. Also try listening to different types of music when you go out on the street and draw.

Remember your drawing not sketching and observe observe observe while taking notes.

Life Drawing
Break the body up into parts if you have to and fill up a book: Head, Torso, Legs, Feet, Arms, Hands and then start putting them all together one at a time.

Caricature the person is a great way to learn as well. Remember it is important to feel the pose yourself and come up with a story of emotion before the pencil even hits the page
  1. 6 x 10 second poses
  2. 5 x 20 second poses
  3. 4 x 30 second poses
  4. 5 x 1 Minute poses
  5. 5 x 2 Minute poses
  1. 10 x 3 Minute poses
  1. 2 x 5 Minute poses
  2. 2 x 10 Minute poses
  1. 2 x 15 Minute poses
  1. 1 x 30 Minute poses

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