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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I've been involved in the entertainment industry and work remotely and  inhouse. Animation, Motion Graphics, VFX Compositng, I am very familiar with all of these. I am reasonable for the that I do and the work is well taken care of.

I have been an Animator for last ten year. During render times I research technical documents and different kinds of topic related to my current profession (I love this kind of stuff R‘n’D out of the pipeline stuff).

All of this has research led me to do my Degree and Masters Degree in Fine Arts and Animation.
Places studied and worked:

Studios, Private schools Japanese Studios, Korean Comic book schools, Painting, Drawing schools, Universities in different countries like Indonesia, China, Singapore, Korea and Japan.

My study, experiences, knowledge, wisdoms and tens of thousands of notes later and loads of artist and people have lead me to working on my own TV Shows and Creating commercials.

Animation School
At the Moment I am taking Animation Mentor Creature Classes Fight or Flight and am currently working on three of my own TV shows along with various commercials.

I'll always be making fine pieces of art, I will always be animating, hire someone who loves doing their job and you will have a job well done.

Adam Earle

Set yourself up for success people aren't mind readers and most people haven't been to Jedi Training School so when there the is a miscommunication stop acting like that the end of the road. This is the begin of the road of what could turn into a journey of great success - communication is key 



Specialized skill in the area that you need 
By seeking specialist you are choosing to invest your resources in a focused manner with the expectation of a Specific outcome or series of results. 
Invest in what you don't need to pay for: 
  1. Education 
  2. Certification
  3. Experience
    1. Loads of projects experience
    2. Trial-and- error and experience
    3. Project bumps and bruises experience
    4. How to change coarse
    5. How to stick with it


  1. Experience over a long time = A plan well met.
  2. Deadlines Deadlines Deadlines 
    1. Need to be set this will govern cost and execution of the project
    2. Need to be well thought out
  3. No Jargon - Communication is key
  4. No Assumptions


  1. Specifically addressing the problem
  2. Gaining inside knowledge of the industry
  3. Mile stones are set in place for the project  
    1. Time and Money.
    2. Tracking of the problem or project can be assessed and reviewed
  4. Multi-tasking your other stuff  on multiple projects reduces the of quality of your desired outcome.
  5. Promote a stronger business relationship.
  6. Dead lines set are deadlines met.


  1. Freeing up internal resources for more - not complications
  2. Freeing up your own time
  3. Think less
  4. Less stress
  5. Small meetings - No unnecessary meetings
  6. External outsourcing doesn't mean India - it means someone you can work with
  7. Obtain rapid attention to the problem you need solved
  8. Contractual engagements
  9. Time is money - Acting  swiftly can save you both.


  1. Milestone managements
  2. Avoiding brief creep
  3. A clear contract of services and deliverables
  4. Guarantee of services
  5. Specific acceptance criteria.
  6. You have the opportunity to take immediate action and correct your course and ensure you obtain maximum return on your investment. 
  7. I will work with you to ensure that you are happy with the end results 
  8. I want your referral as a satisfied future business.

Friday, July 22, 2011


This is incredible i have such admiration for people that can do this kind of work

this guys work speaks for its self i think


These are some stills from Disney's new short - I love this style soooooo much

Maya Modeling

Rules that everyone needs to know. These are not my cheat sheets.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Maya Hot Keys for animation

Make These Basic Hot keys Part of Your DNA
adjust the size of your current manipulator   + and -
Parent things using p
 unparent them using shift+p.
Duplicate objects using ctrl+d.
Press h to hide selected objects and press  
shift+h to show selected objects.
The 4 key displays your objects in wire frame while  
5 displays them in shaded mode.
ctrl+g for creating a group of objects or deselect everything to create an empty group. Empty groups are super useful but that's a topic all on its own.

full screen mode by pressing ctrl+space.

a key frames all objects
f key frames selection. If you hold shift while using these keys, it will do this operation in all your current views.

q key is your selection tool. 
w, e, or r manipulators to disappear.

Temporarily hide everything around the currently selected object by pressing shift+i. To get everything back, deselect the object and press shift+i again.

Make Animation Hassle Free By Learning These Hot keys
alt+v combination plays and stops your animation while  
alt+shift+v rewinds it.
The , key goes to previous key frame while the . goes to the next key frame. If you hold alt while using hot keys, you will step one frame at a time.
Use k+LMB to use an awesome the time dragger tool.
Press alt+b to cycle your background color in the view port.
Key frame your translates by pressing shift+w,
key your rotation by pressing shift+e
key your scale by pressing shift+r.

Another Hidden Marking Menu
Shift+RMB. polygon creates geometry
Shift + S + LMB Animation

Ctrl + RMB Convert selection

Shift+RMB Polygon arking menue
0 + LM Poly Brush

Try These Hot keys Out While Editing ObjectsF8 goes in and out of component mode
F9 to dive into vertex mode 

F10 for edge mode
F11 for face mode.

You can also use < and > to shrink or grow a selection of a component.

Press space to access this baby.  
h+LMB marking menu. Give it a shot and see which one you like.

Snapping can come in handy especially when snapping with MMB.
Using MMB instead of LMB allows you to click and drag anywhere on the view port instead of being forced to use the manipulator.
Snap to grids by holding x,
snap to curves by holding c,
snap to points by holding v.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Folio - Moving Pictures

Here is a glimpse of the work that i have done over the years. its all been put under different headings
If you feel up to it you can head on over to my YouTube channel. At the moment i am finishing my masters and looking for work


Playing around in my lunch break

A box cart i saw on the street in Korea created Maya and Zbrush - Learrrrrrrrrniiiing

one of the first models i ever created in Zbrush - obviously just scratching the surface of the program

Stylized plane


This a tool that i created for generating eyes for character creation

here is  part of a game pitch that me and some guys made at school -we did this in about 3 days and man were we tired

this was for a short film that i was helping out on i never the end of the project because i ended up in korea learning a how to draw

this was some work that was going to be a part of a TV show buuuuuut never happened then the ball of light explodes titles were going splash out onto the  screen like a a rainbow on steroids


This is a first draft of a storyboard for the 11 second Club its pretty ordinary

This is the revised version of the above board notice now how his physical state effects his emotional forcing a physical reaction. Big ideas ahheeeeee

this is animatic created from a snippet of audio taken from "Irion Giant"

here i am just practicing in blocking to a "Simpsons" audio track

This is a short film based on creature creation - but more importantly  learning some technical skills - the boards and animatic took me a little over an hour to a complete

This is the Previs animatic its way to boring so back to drawing baord

An idea i had for a documentary about the underdogs of society


So here is dialog that was done for 11 second club its my first one ever - great learning experience

in the beginning there was the cycle

Learning pose to pose

here is an eye test

Learning to animate eyes from the "Incredibles"

my first 2D walk cycle - Gaston is walking like he has some serious chafing between the legs - its the second pass so i am confident it could be fixed

 My fist jump in 2D attempting to animate a loved Disney character

This is my first ever dialog i got all the way through it to find out that when i wanted to switch the left arm from FK to IK the puppet was broken

This is a Happy walk cycle one of the first i have ever done

Fist ever 3D run cycle - just getting the hips movin

A simple jump again first one i ever did

This is a bouncing ball test - there is nothing like getting back to basics

a simple head turn testing out Photoshop as Animation software - buggy but i have found a nice pipeline now

a bouncing ball exercise done in Potatoeshop - i had set up Photoshop in such a way which was ready for traditional animators to use that was F R I E N D L Y and F U N

Morrrrrrrrrphing Morphing gotta love the principles of Morrrrrrrphing

The good ol pendulum

My first character acting animation in flash using symbols and every possible way to make something move in flash - it was a great learning curve but i have a nice tidy pipeline now that's the best part

this is the silhouette of the above animation - you can tell that there are a few messed up posses


This is one of the coolest things that i helped out on in Korea

I use to work for a company that did a lot of work for mobile phones. my job was doing the re-editing for previous weeks TV shows i was really lucky at the time to be doing such a gig and the people there are actually really nice i was to young at heart, not enough experience, stupid at the time to realize what was in front of me i left there to take a teaching job at a university - stupid stupid stupid Adam

All this work was done in a little over a week for japan Disney i did everything except the character animation

So this is saying "MY STORY" if you don't get it

This was going to be for a friends band at the time - i have no idea where these guys are now but i was a fan

This was create for a bar in Brisbane city

This was for a TV Show i spent 3 Days on it.  Would been nice to more time on projects instead of punching stuff out for deadlines

This is some work that i got to do for the X games it was one of first freelance jobs - i felt bullet proof - but i was very young and failed to make contacts

This was another one as well that i did for the X Games

This was an asset that  created for a a sound recording studio but it was never used in the final project

this is the final project borrrrrring for the above topic cant believe i could find this

Corporate work for a festival

this was a procedural fire system that i set up in After Effects

and a blue fire test - ooooohhhhh magic

this is a test that i did in max when i use to use 3DS Max - oooooohhhh i miss  max

so see if you can guess who i am ripping off

and again with some tweaks

More freelance work done for the army - the people i freelanced for seriously nice nice people

i was board one Christmas during summer so i thought i would make a universal time count in avid to kill sometime - really what was i thinking

Adam Earle - Digital Design Artist
EMAIL: DocoCity-at-Hotmail-dot-com
MOBILE: +61 431 799 431